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About Us

Good Dads operates with a steadfast commitment to supporting and empowering fathers in Columbia and Boone County. Through a variety of programs, workshops and resources, we aim to equip dads with the tools and support they need to be actively engaged in their children’s lives.

Our mission: To strengthen families by encouraging positive father involvement.

In Columbia, we prioritize recognizing and partnering with prominent supporters who share our vision of promoting responsible fatherhood: We collaborate, not recreate. These supporters include Love Columbia, TMT Consulting, The ROC, Grandma’s Southern Eats, Sophia’s Helping Hand, Community Enrichment Inc. and others who understand the vital role fathers play in the well-being of families. These partnerships enrich our ability to serve fathers effectively. Collaborations with schools, faith-based organizations and social service agencies allow us to reach a diverse range of fathers and provide comprehensive support tailored to their needs.

Our goals are multifaceted. We strive to provide fathers with practical parenting skills, facilitate meaningful connections with their children and foster a supportive network of like-minded individuals. By doing so, we aim to reduce fatherlessness in our area and create a community where every child has the love and guidance of a dedicated father figure in Columbia and Boone County at large.

Statistics regarding fatherlessness in our specific area underscore the urgency of our mission. By addressing the root causes of absentee fatherhood and providing resources for positive parental involvement, we strive to break the cycle of fatherlessness and create a brighter future for our children.

Good Dads is uniquely positioned to make a meaningful impact in Columbia due to our specialized focus on fatherhood. By recognizing the importance of fathers and supporting them in their role, we contribute to the overall well-being and stability of families, which serves as the foundation for a thriving community.

Meet Our
Columbia Team

D’Markus Thomas-Brown

Regional Director, Columbia

Ava Summers

Administrative Assistant 
Mataka Askari

Peer Specialist, Connections to Success

Chris Lunn

Veterans United Home Loans

Ellis Carter

Business Professional

Ann Merrifield

Exec. Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters

Alvin Cobbins

Retired Educator

Marcus Richardson

Pastor & Facilitator

Conrad Hake

Program Director, Love Columbia

Sherill Schlimpert

Retired Educator

Sabha Jalali

Retired Optometrist

Tasca Tolson

Trauma Counselor

Jane Williams

Co-Founder & Exec. Director, Love Columbia


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