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Good Dads Strong Schools is a before-school program intended to help fathers (including stepfathers, grandfathers, and father figures) be more engaged with their children.  

Program Description

Each yearly installment of the Good Dads Strong Schools program contains eight low-tech, tactile activities intended to promote father-child conversation on a particular character-related theme, including:

  • Family Teamwork 
  • Family Identity
  • Attitude of Gratitude
  • Patience
  • Freedom & Boundaries
  • Love of Reading 
  • Choices & Decisions
  • Spring Adventures
  • Friendship
  • Cooperation
  • Expressing Appreciation 
  • Valuing Traditions
  • Reading & Writing 
  • Winning & Losing 
  • Taking Risks
  • Communication
  • Fun
  • Listening
  • Individuality
  • Celebrating Family
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Perseverance
  • Kindness

What's Included

When you purchase the curriculum, you’ll receive the following:

  • 8 Activity Pages for dads and kids to share during the lesson—in English and Spanish.
  • 8 Parent Pages to send home with parents, reinforcing the monthly lesson—in English and Spanish.
  • 8 Captain Pages for group leaders to conduct each meeting.
  • 1 flash drive containing digital Activity Pages and Parent Pages.

Activity materials/craft supplies not included.

Why Strong

Encouraging fathers to be more engaged in their child’s education benefits parents, children and teachers alike. Research shows that a father’s participation in his children’s education can improve many areas of life.‍ Strong Schools is expressly targeted at fathers, and the program sends the clear message that father involvement is imperative to a child’s education. It allows fathers to make meaningful connections with their kids and with other dads in a low-risk, casual atmosphere, where conversation and bonding are encouraged.

Research shows that dads make a big difference in a child’s education, too. Kids with actively involved fathers are more likely to have stronger verbal skills, have fewer behavior problems in school, get better grades, show an increase in curiosity and show increased problem-solving skills.

Bundles & Purchasing Options

Ready to buy? Click the button below to be directed to the Product Page for Strong Schools. Questions may be directed to Jim Millsap, Good Dads Strong Schools Coordinator, at 417-501-8867 Ext. 3 OR at [email protected]

Captain's Starter Kit
  • 1 Captain’s Binder with the complete course
  • 1 flash drive containing digital copies of each Captain’s Page, Activity Page and Parent Take-Home Page
Captain's Binder
  • 1 Captain’s Binder with the complete course