Programs for
At-Risk Dads

Programs for At-Risk Dads

Our programs promote responsible fatherhood and empower fathers to reach their goals.

Good Dads 2.0

Fathers need a set of reliable tools to build safe, stable homes for themselves and their families—just like a contractor needs the right tools in his toolbelt as he builds a house. Good Dads 2.0 is a 16-part evidence-based course designed for any dad, especially at-risk dads, as they work to be more positively engaged with their children. The course covers a variety of important fatherhood topics, including healthy communication, reputations, values, masculinity, discipline and correction, honesty, stress and anger management, child support, and more.

What Is New Pathways for Good Dads?

New Pathways for Good Dads (NPGD) is designed to inspire, resource and encourage dads to be more actively engaged in the lives of their children. It is a guide for responsible fatherhood and a network of companions to help you reach your goals. When you enroll, you’ll work with a Good Dads case manager to build an Individualized Service Plan designed to help you receive the maximum benefit from the program.

Program Benefits 
  • Fatherhood skills
  • Stress & anger management 
  • Job assessment & career resources
  • Family budgeting 
  • Healthy relationship skills 
  • Advice for dads with past legal issues 
  • Child support training 
  • Father-to-father mentoring
  • Good Dads investments and rewards
  • And more!

For Dads

"Ask yourself what is really important and then have the courage to build your life around the answer."
Lee Jampolsky, M.D.

When you choose a new path or journey, NPGD also invests in you.
We want you to be the best dad you can be. Along the way we will recognize your progress through awards and recognition, gift cards, Good Dads T-shirts, completion certificates and other tools Good Dads need.

Overcoming Obstacles

Any path or adventure is bound to have some obstacles along the way. NPGD has a number of ways to address concerns that might discourage a father’s progress. Depending on the site where classes are offered and the time of day, childcare is available. For those living in Greene County some transportation assistance may be available.

Facilitators & Partners

We couldn’t achieve our amazing outcomes for dads, children and families without the help and collaboration of New Pathways and facilitators.


Classes are interactive and fun! Jump into our image library showcasing activities from New Pathways classes.

Completions & Graduations

Completing NPGD program requirements is no small feat. Every year we honor the dads whose achievements are building happier families and stronger communities.

Spotlights & Success Stories

Explore stories of remarkable perseverance, determination and triumph from dads who’ve had their lives transformed by the NPGD program.

New Pathways Timeline

From enrollment to graduation, find out how dads move through the NPGD program, celebrate their achievements and learn new skills.

New Pathways Class Locations

New Good Dads classes are starting throughout the state. Find open classes and discover how you can get involved.

Sign Up for New Pathways

Indicate your interest at the button below and a member of the Good Dads team will contact you to arrange a time when the two of you can sit down to learn more about your needs and concerns. You may also call Good Dads Headquarters at 417-501-8867.