New Pathways Timeline

Just as every man’s experience as a father is unique, your journey through the New Pathways program will be one-of a kind, too. The program’s timeline and requirements may differ slightly depending on your region.


Enrollment Paperwork & the Individual Service Plan

The services you’ll receive from the New Pathways program depends on your unique needs. When you enroll, you’ll collaborate with case managers during an in-person meeting to set goals related to:

  • Parenting skills
  • Managing stress and anger
  • Custody and visitation
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Child support
  • Co-parenting
  • And more

You’ll set timelines, identify your measures of success and create a plan together.


Initial Surveys & Assessments

When you enroll in New Pathways, you’ll complete assessments and surveys that help Good Dads understand what you already know about the program, your needs and concerns and other topics. These files aren’t shared with anyone outside of Good Dads.


Attending Class

After enrolling in the program, you’ll be placed in one of our two classes.

  • A relationship skills class
  • A fatherhood skills class

You’ll need to take both classes to complete the program, but it doesn’t matter which one you take first.

Good Dads will do our best to pair you with a class that is close to where you live or work, so you won’t have to travel far. Classes are small, usually under 15 dads per class, and are led by Good Dads trained facilitators. Classes meet in-person once a week for about two hours.

Within My Reach

This 8-week class is designed for individuals who may or may not be in a committed romantic relationship. You’ll learn important methods for managing conflict, listening, communication and more, which are useful for all kinds of relationships: romantic, family, professional and more.

Good Dads 2.0

This fatherhood skills course is 16 weeks long and covers a variety of important topics for dads of all kinds. You’ll learn about leadership, long-term plans, values, reputations, manhood, self-confidence, decision-making and other skills for Good Dads.

Twice Monthly Contact

While you are attending classes, case managers at Good Dads will call you to check your progress with your Individual Service Plan. We’ll talk about your employment, jobs, resources, contact with your children, child support payments and other goals you set for yourself.


Three- & Six-Month Assessments

You’ll take assessments twice more as you move through the program, and a Good Dads case manager will interview you about your progress. This helps us learn if we are responding to your needs. It’s also a place where you can share the areas in which we can improve or provide more information.


Celebrating Class Milestones

We congratulate you on your progress with fun attendance incentives, like gift cards.


Mentorship & Peer Guidance

Throughout your time in the program, you’ll enjoy mentorship and guidance from case managers, class facilitators, a child support specialist and others who want to see you succeed. You’ll build a network of supportive people who want you to reach your goals.


Course Completion

After your last class (and after completing any makeup work if you were absent), we celebrate your achievement with a Course Completion Certificate, which some of our dads share with parole officers, custody court judges and others.



Graduation is separate from course completion. To be eligible to graduate from the New Pathways program, you’ll have to complete both Within My Reach and Good Dads 2.0.

You’ll also need to attain or maintain full-time employment if possible, make regular child support payments (or otherwise contribute to the wellbeing of your kids), and engage regulary with your children to the extent that you are able.

You’ll be invited to attend a formal graduation event to celebrate your hard work and amazing achievements!


Post-Grad Life

Dads may remain in the program for a total of 18 months, even after they have completed the program’s requirements. This means you’ll still have access to employment resources, child support advice and other benefits of the program as you continue your Good Dads journey.
Don’t be a stranger! We always welcome the opportunity to reconnect with you in the future.


Depending on what you need in your Individual Service Plan, Good Dads can also connect you to resources and life skills, including:

  • Education resources
  • Employment opportunities
  • Job skills classes
  • Sobriety and recovery issues
  • Child support resources
  • Housing resources
  • ProsperU financial education
  • Jobs for Life employment preparation