Tyler Head

Business & Leadership Coach, Dryve Leadership Group

Tyler Head and his wife, Katherine, are transplants from the beautiful states of Tennessee and North Carolina. They have come to love the Ozarks and the people in it over the years. Tyler works in Organizational Change and Leadership Development, a fancy way of saying “being with people.” Katherine is a teacher at Ozark Junior High School. Tyler believes that the engagement of a father is unique in its gift to the development of a child’s head, heart, and soul. How we fathers engage or do not engage with our children has a long-term ripple effect on the child, our communities, and our culture. For myriad reasons, engaging as a male seems to be a skill set that has fallen by the wayside over the past years. The practice of engagement is a muscle with more power than most. It’s a muscle that needs to be exercised in our society by fathers. If we can continue in our efforts of cultivating space for men to practice these muscles, our children, the community, and our culture will benefit.