From the Archive | Transitions Abound with Blended Families – with Dana and Christina Ford

Dana and Christina Ford have a full house with a teenager, elementary schoolers and preschoolers. Join us for a conversation originally recorded in 2021 with the Fords as the blended family navigates the important transitions inherent in father-son relationships as Dana entered his step-son’s life when he was 8 years old. Dana and Christina give advice for step-parents and differentiate their approaches to parenting versus step-parenting. We also talk about the first-baby nerves, anticipating your partner’s needs and raising un-selfish children.

Our Guests: Husband and Wife Dana and Christina Ford

Christina Ford is the president and founder of Rebound Foundation, a nonprofit whose mission is to end the cycle of abuse through safe transitional ​housing for women and children, and educating youth to prevent violence.

Dana Ford has been the men’s head baseketball coach at Missouri State University since 2018. He transitioned from Bachelor to Husband and to Father quickly.

The Fords are parents to five, and one in Heaven.

  • (8:09) I was the single parent for eight years, and I was very independent. I was Mom, and I went to school, and I worked. I was in a very independent role, and my idea of when we were going to come together was, you know, “Was I still going to be this independent force?” I was really keen into that. I was going to have my own thing, my own title … I didn’t have to ask someone else, “How should we do this?” or “What decision should be made?” It was always just me making the decision.
  • (13:29) We do not parent all of our children the same. Just like I don’t coach all my players the same. One of the most important things that you have to learn—is you have to learn your people. That means you have to learn your children individually, same way I do with my players. You have to spend time with them, communicate with them and observe them. 
  • (14:44) If you listen, people will tell you who they are.
  • (19:31) One of the biggest adjustments was the fact that, due to COVID, there was no support system of Mom, sister, right? I mean, I’m always used to mother-in-law and sister-in-law being there, and them doing the heavy lifting.
  • (25:50) If you want to conquer something you have to stay united, but we (as parents) conquer by dividing sometimes.
  • (27:42) So many (us) can get selfish, and be about “me, me, me.” Hopefully because they see us and come from a larger family (our children grow to) understand that it’s not always about you.