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Programs for Faith Communities

Good Dads programs are very adaptable to the faith community. Fundamentals for Good Dads is ideal for ministry for men in any church or congregational setting.

Workplace Programs

Using familiar language common to any sports lover, Fundamentals for Good Dads forges connections among fathers as they coach their families through adversity to a winning season.

Good Dads Great Communities

The new Good Dads Great Communities course is your practical, time-tested guide for your organization as you work to establish your own father-focused initiative.

Good Dads Strong Schools

Did you know father involvement is tied to better school performance, fewer behavior problems and improved mental health? Good Dads Strong Schools is a before-school breakfast program that gives dads (as well as stepfathers, grandfathers and father-figures) a fun, educational…

Programs for At-Risk Dads

Work to achieve your fatherhood goals with New Pathways for Good Dads, featuring trainings for fatherhood skills, healthy relationships, child support, career resources, family budgeting, co-parenting and more.