Training Camp

Mark your calendars for November 13–15 & November 18–20 and join us for Good Dads facilitator training in Downtown Springfield, MO.

Twice a year Good Dads brings together people interested in promoting responsible fatherhood and father engagement for a training and networking event. If you’ve been wanting to learn how to lead a Good Dads class, this event is for you!

Who Is
Camp For?

Good Dads’ training camp is for anyone who wants to be more effective in their work with fathers. Nonprofit leaders, social workers, counselors, retirees, teachers, nurses, business leaders and public servants can all benefit from training to facilitate Good Dads courses.

Previous attendees have gone on to use what they learned as professional resources in their place of work, as volunteer facilitators at Good Dads class sites and in many other applications.

"The camaraderie and sense of purpose I shared among fellow volunteers at Good Dads during my training was refreshing. The collaboration, information exchange and support I received in training made evident the realization that I was a part of a community dedicated to making a tangible impact on families in need.The training provided by Good Dads compels me to refine my own interpersonal skills while simultaneously offering the best support possible to the fathers I serve. Good Dads has given me a sense of purpose and fulfilment, reminding me that retirement is about finding new avenues to contribute to community."

Benjy Lampert, Retired Anesthesiologist and Good Dads Facilitator

What Is

Training Camp is your opportunity to receive training in the most effective strategies for serving at-risk fathers and families in your community. 

You’ll have the chance to network with other father-focused individuals and catch the Good Dads vision as you learn everything you need to know to lead a Good Dads class for fathers.
Training Camp is an in-person event.

Pre-registration is required. 

Training Camp Schedule

Wednesday-Friday, Nov. 13-15 | Join us to get trained to lead participants in Within My Reach, a healthy relationships course for individuals.

Monday-Wednesday, Nov. 18-20 | Catch the Good Dads vision and receive up-to-date training in our flagship fatherhood skills course, Good Dads 2.0.

What to

The event will be in Downtown Springfield, MO.

Skilled Good Dads presenters will go through the curricula one lesson at a time to equip you with everything you need to know to effectively facilitate the classes yourself. You will sit with small groups but also have opportunities to get up and collaborate with others as we go through the lessons. There’s plenty of time to ask questions, role-play scenarios and otherwise familiarize yourself with the material.

What to

A positive attitude!

Business casual dress code is recommended but not required.

A light breakfast, lunch, beverages and refreshments are provided on-site all days of the week. Because we’re located in the heart of Downtown, you’ll be within walking distance of dozens of restaurants and cafes, too.

Good Dads provides writing materials and printouts, but some of our trainees also take notes in their own notebooks.

You may also want to bring cash if you’ve had your eyes on Good Dads merchandise, like our T-shirts, thermoses or hats.

Stay Updated Ahead of
Training Camp

For questions about registration and training sessions, please reach out to Good Dads: 

Rhonda Andersen
Director of Training & Education
[email protected] or 417-501-8867 Ext. 2