New Pathways – James Mincks

New Pathways – James Mincks

James Mincks graduated from the New Pathways for Good Dads program in 2019. Since then he has continued to make great strides with his parenting skills as well as in his personal life. He sees his sons on a regular basis, he has a full-time job – with benefits, and he pays his child support. We are very proud of James and all his hard work. He is a great example to others who want to make a difference in the lives of their children. Here is a look back at his time in the New Pathways for Good Dads program.              



              James and his fellow classmates from Victory Mission pose for a picture with their

             Fatherhood Development certificates while wearing their “GoodDads” t-shirts.


            To some people, this might be a simple picture of shoes. However, to James, it symbolizes

            so much more. In the summer of 2019, James was able to take his sons shopping for shoes

            for school. As James and the boys were in the store, the boys headed for the “discount”

            or “clearance” section to choose their shoes. James said, “Not today, boys. You may choose

            whatever shoes you would like.” James had a full-time job, with benefits, and was finally

            able to provide things, like shoes, for his sons that he had not been able to provide in the past.

           The smiles in the picture speak volumes! James was able to have a family photo taken with

           his sons. The boys are so thankful to have their “Good Dad” back in their lives.

          James was so excited and grinning from ear to ear when he delivered a framed copy of this

          photo to the Good Dads office. What a joy to know that the New Pathways for Good Dads

          program is “Helping Kids, One Dad at a Time!”

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