Facilitators &

New Pathways Facilitators

Our facilitators are more than just top-notch teachers. They work as advocates for the dads in our program. They act as mentors and make an immense difference in the lives of New Pathways dads.
Our skilled facilitators must complete training before they can lead Good Dads classes.


Good Dads Facilitators typically work in groups of two to host class once a week at a Good Dads class location. They also host sign-up events, refer dads to the program and scout for new class locations. Some of our facilitators also take on case management responsibilities. Many of our facilitators receive a stipend for their work with Good Dads.

Meet Our Facilitators

  • Rhonda Andersen
  • Will Barrett
  • John Bosse
  • Andy Breig
  • Todd Brock
  • Bruce Cobb
  • Wayne Cochran
  • Pam Cole
  • Randy Cole
  • Amy Cornelius
  • Ryan Dasso
  • Travis Dewitt
  • Brandi Dewitt
  • Marlissa Diggs
  • Doug Duvall
  • Amanda Fowler
  • Joe Fowler
  • Scott Gallivan
  • Peter Gilbreth
  • Dora Gilreath
  • Marlon Graves
  • Douglas Gudeman
  • Cole Heimann
  • Sally Herman
  • David Hobbs
  • Dan Johnson
  • Brenda Kasper
  • Terry Kasper
  • Jeremy Kitchingham
  • Rev. Barry Kolb
  • Austen Korell
  • Ross Kula
  • Benjy Lampert
  • Alex Light
  • Virgil McGinnis
  • Tammy Mclaughlin
  • Brett Meek
  • Ronnie Merritt
  • Jim Millsap
  • Justin Moody
  • Dwight Neher
  • Gene Nies
  • Janice Reynolds
  • David Schoolfield
  • Matt Seats
  • Jessica Shockey
  • Jessica Smith
  • Lisa Strader
  • Kevin Stratton
  • Tracy Swanson
  • William Swarnes
  • Cheryl Thornton
  • Shawn Vanderbeck
  • Michael Weist
  • Pat Zimmer
  • Derek Bereit
  • Samantha Bereit
  • Lee Bramlett
  • Demarko Brown
  • Fran Campbell
  • Cody Coleman
  • Zach Eckels
  • Eric Fors II
  • Janay Jackson
  • Don Lewis
  • Arnie Pizzutelli
  • Robert Randolph
  • Larry Richard
  • David Zumwal
  • Denise Allen
  • Andrew Cisneros
  • Barton Crawford
  • Kevin Knickerbocker
  • Penny Roan
  • Stacie Williams
  • D’markus Thomas Brown
  • Roland Chacon
  • Jessica Chambers
  • Toni Devolder
  • Conrad Hake
  • Richard Harmon
  • William Lautenschlager
  • David Nissly
  • Marcus Richardson
  • Ava Summers
  • Jacob Hankins
  • Justin Hankins
  • Gerald Spea
  • Don Langhoff
  • Sue Langhoff

New Pathways
Council & Partners

Council members collaborate with Good Dads under the New Pathways for Good Dads contract by:

• Referring fathers to the program
• Training members of their respective teams in Good Dads curricula
• Offering classroom space for NPGD classes

The council meets four times a year to collaborate to achieve greater stability and better outcomes for area dads and their families.

The Alliance of Southwest Missouri – Joplin, MO

Jen Black

Ascent Recovery Residences – Joplin, MO

Teddy Steen

Community Partnership of the Ozarks

Brooke Ash

Drew Lewis Foundation – RISE Program

Jessica Smith 

Dynamic New Visions

Myrna Leisure-Eppick

Family Restoration Center – Stockton, MO

Cheryl Thornton

Freedom City Church / Straight Street Inc / Northside Recovery Center
Greene County Prosecuting Attorney - Child Support Office

Brian Neal

Harbor House (The Salvation Army)

Annette Lynch

Lord's Army Ministries

Todd Brock

Missouri Job Center

Jennifer Biri

New Beginning Sanctuary

Alon Fisch

OACAC Head Start

Teresa Silvis-Dickey

Pregnancy Care Center

Lisa McIntire

Recovery Outreach Services

Nina Smart-Dixon

Restoration of Hope Project

Dean Miller

Simmering Center – New Beginning Sanctuary – Branson, MO

Myrna Leisure-Eppick and Alon Fisch

Stone County Recovery Center – Reeds Spring, MO

Tammy McLaughlin

United Way of the Ozarks

Greg Burris

Victory Mission

David Myers and Mark McKnelly