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Understanding Pregnancy Cravings + Tips from Missouri WIC Nutrition Services

Understanding Pregnancy Cravings + Tips from Missouri WIC Nutrition Services

Pickles and ice cream? Potato chips and peanut butter? No, a chocolate milkshake! Wait. How about a pepperoni and olive pizza? 

Have you ever tried to keep up with your pregnant partner’s cravings? Some days it can seem like those cravings change minute-by-minute. And have you experienced the frustration of finally getting her exactly what she’s craving, only to be told that is no longer what she wants? 

Eating during pregnancy can be confusing and challenging. While we do not know for certain the cause of pregnancy cravings, you can rest assured that they are common. Most cravings are harmless, but there are some that could indicate a nutrient deficiency. For example, craving a lot of ice could be a sign of anemia. While your pregnancy doctor is a great resource for navigating nutrition, there is another program that can provide assistance as well: the WIC program.

Working as a WIC Nutritionist, I’ve seen firsthand how overwhelming understanding prenatal nutrition can be for pregnant couples. When you are enrolled in the WIC program, you get direct access to nutrition experts who can give you guidance on healthy eating during pregnancy. Not only that, but WIC provides you with an EBT card that can be used for things like fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, cereal and cheese. 

At WIC, we know how important it is for dads to be involved during pregnancy. Many dads want to help, but they are not sure where to start. Even simple things like attending prenatal appointments together when possible can be important. With so much new information to learn, it helps when both parents can absorb it together. Here are a few other things that you can do to support your pregnant partner:

  1. Learn about pregnancy nutrition! Researching information together can make it more fun for both parents. 
  2. Help with the grocery shopping. If utilizing WIC, talk to your partner about being an authorized user on the WIC EBT card. 
  3. Put on your chef’s hat! If you don’t feel super comfortable in the kitchen, start with these simple recipes.

(To learn if you qualify for the WIC program, click here. For questions about WIC, you can call 417-864-1540 or text 888-754-0693)

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