Good Dads Kansas City

Fatherhood Foundations, a Good Dads Chapter, is a vehicle to see the lives of men, women and children changed through evidence-based content, accountability meetings and the Word of God. Fatherhood Foundations is also a vehicle to facilitate a multi-generational, city-wide transformation when trained fathers are engaged in their families.

About Good
Dads KC

With more than 75 dads currently enrolled in 7 programs across Kansas City, Fatherhood Foundations has been a Good Dads chapter since 2022.

Our Vision: To restore authentic and flourishing relationships among fathers and their children.

Our Mission: We exist to provide instruction, inspiration and encouragement to fathers, helping their children know that they belong, are loved and affirmed, so that dads and their children can be the best they can be.

Values for Success: We cannot do this alone. We must work in collaboration with like-minded churches, businesses and foundations. We believe the following: 

  • Healthy relationships at all levels develop healthy fathers. 
  • Collaboration builds families, communities and our city.
  • Meeting fathers where they are is crucial—in the workplace, school, church or even prison.

Meet Our
KC Team

Lee Bramlett

Executive Director

Don Lewis

Founder, Facilitator & Mentor

Larry Richard

Facilitator & Analyst

Cody Coleman


Arnie Pizutelli



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