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The Good Dads Chapter Network is made up of community-minded entities who come together to promote father engagement in their area. They may be a community-based organization, a faith community, a business or any other entity committed to equipping fathers with what they need to be more engaged with their children.

All Good Dads Chapters currently exist in Missouri, but you don’t have to call the Show-Me State home to get a chapter started. Good Dads is prepared for its vision to spring throughout the Midwest and beyond. 

A community Chapter can be successful just about anywhere! As long as there are dads and kids in your area, your Good Dads initiative has the potential to change countless lives.


Chapters provide resources and tools for fathers in their area with the support of the Good Dads staff in Springfield. Chapters pay an annual fee, enabling them to pursue the Good Dads mission while granting them access to greater benefits and support.

Chapters may host classes for at-risk fathers through our New Pathways for Good Dads program, encourage father involvement in an educational setting with our Good Dads Strong Schools program or pursue any number of other father-focused initiatives with the help of Good Dads.

“Because men want to grow and develop, they find they can’t stay away. They love the content so much, and I get a near-constant stream of positive feedback. People will go from being like a deer in the headlights to really gaining a deeper understanding of their kids’ needs ... One by one, children’s lives are being changed.”

Lee Bramlett, Director, Good Dads Kansas City


  • Receive regular consultation with the Good Dads team
  • Gain premiere access to new programs and materials
  • Access special discounts to Good Dads training events
  • Access trademarked logos and media resources
  • Publish content on respective community chapter homepage on the Good Dads website
  • May represent themselves as part of the Good Dads network
  • May have representation on the Good Dads Board of Directors
  • And more!

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As our network grows, we make it easy for chapters to learn from each other. Get together with others to exchange ideas and strategies with communities, businesses, mental health professionals and others who share your goals.

“Becoming a Chapter with Good Dads aligns perfectly with my mission of making a positive impact in the lives of others within the Hannibal community. I see Good Dads engaging with other community programs within the Northeast Missouri area to help build and nurture strong, lasting relationships within the family dynamic.”

Tim Lovitt, Former Facilitator, Good Dads Hannibal

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Explore the best ways to start a Good Dads initiative with our new-and-improved course for community leaders. The six-part video- and discussion-based program will lead you and your team through the most important considerations as you assess the need for father engagement in your community.

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In many cases, members of our team can come to your community to introduce Good Dads to a group of community stakeholders. This is often the best way for a group of people to learn about our programs and discover how to get involved. 

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